Volume 2, Issue 1 (2022)

Book Reviews
Paolo Santori, Thomas Aquinas and the Civil Economy Tradition
Martin Schlag

Charly Coleman, The Spirit of French Capitalism: Economic Theology in the Age of Enlightenment
Maxime Menuet

Tom Boland & Ray Griffin, The Reformation of Welfare: The New Faith of the Labour Market
Stefan Schwarzkopf

Paul van Geest, Morality in the Marketplace: Reconciling Theology and Economics
Albino Barrera

Daniel K. Finn (ed.), Business Ethics and Catholic Social Thought
A. M. C. Waterman

Jennifer A. Quigley, Divine Accounting: Theo-Economics in Early Christianity
Thomas R. Blanton IV

Research Note
Teaching the Economics of Religion to Undergraduate Economics Students
Junaid B. Jahangir