About the journal


The Journal of Economics, Theology and Religion (JETR) is an online and open access academic journal.

It aims to be an independent, international, and interreligious platform for interdisciplinary debate.

It seeks to bring together economists, theologians and scholars in religious studies, by publishing peer-reviewed original research. Our hope is to find intersections, create dialogues, and offer new interdisciplinary insights and perspectives.

Launched in 2020, the journal is published bi-annually by the Erasmus Economics and Theology Institute (EETI) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


JETR welcomes submissions in any of the following (partly overlapping and non-exhausting list of) areas:

  • economics and theology
  • economics and religion
  • religious economics
  • economics of religion
  • religion/theology and economic development
  • economics as religion
  • economic theology
  • theology of economics
  • economics and sacred text studies
  • economy in theology
  • history of economics and theology/religion

JETR publishes the following types of contributions:

  • research articles
  • review articles
  • replies / comments
  • book reviews
  • symposia

Editorial board

Editor in chief
Dr. Joost Hengstmengel, Erasmus University Rotterdam

General editors
Prof. dr. Paul van Geest, Tilburg University
Prof. dr. Lans Bovenberg, Tilburg University
Prof. dr. Harry Commandeur, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Prof. dr. Kees van der Kooi, Free University Amsterdam
Prof. dr. Govert Buijs, Free University Amsterdam
Dr. Antoinette Rijsenbilt, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr. Bas van Os, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Ard Jan Biemond MSc, Erasmus University Rotterdam


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We do not charge any processing or publication fees.