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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2022 (first view)

Teaching the Economics of Religion to Undergraduate Economics Students
Junaid B. Jahangir

Book Review
Paolo Santori, Thomas Aquinas and the Civil Economy Tradition
Martin Schlag

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021 (first view)

Front Matter

Research Articles
The Samaritan’s Trust Game
Luigino Bruni

The Amateur Economist: Abraham Kuyper and Economics
Joost Hengstmengel

The Triangular Game between Autocrats, Clerics, and the Military: An Application to Muslim Countries
Emmanuelle Auriol, Jean-Philippe Platteau & Thierry Verdier

Economics and Theological Ethics: An Environmental Economist Replies to his Queen
H. Spencer Banzhaf

Book Reviews
Benjamin Friedman, Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
Salim Rashid

Abraham Kuyper, On Business & Economics
Roelf Haan

Stefan Schwarzkopf, The Routledge Handbook of Economic Theology
Paul van Geest & Bas van Os

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

Front Matter

A Welcome to the Inaugural Issue
Towards Economic and Theological Ecumenism
The Editors

Special Contribution
On Economics, Theology, and Religion

A. M. C. Waterman

Research Articles
Providence, Divine Power, and the ‘Invisible Hand’ in Adam Smith
Cornelis van der Kooi & Jordan J. Ballor

A Contractual Look at the Role of Religion in the Stability of Marriage
Feler Bose

To What Ends for Theology-Oriented Economic Policymaking?
Robert C. Tatum

The Liberty of the Will in Theology Permits the Liberated Markets of Liberalism
Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

Providence and the Invisible Hand: Comments on Van der Kooi and Ballor
Paul Oslington

Book Review
Thomas Piketty, Capital et idéologie
Antoinette Rijsenbilt & Cornelis van der Kooi