Volume 3 (2023) – first view

Research Articles
Martin Luther’s Business Ethics and the Economic Utopia
Esa Mangeloja

The Scholastic View on Usury and Economic Instability
Emil B. Berendt

Usury, Slavery, and Limited Liability
Jamshed Y. Uppal

Book Reviews
Robert Sirico, The Economics of the Parables
Paolo Santori

Richard A. Horsley, You Shall Not Bow Down and Serve Them
Jennifer A. Quigley

Anthony M. Annett, Cathonomics: How Catholic Tradition Can Create a More Just Economy
Stephy Joseph

Kevin Musgrave, Persons of the Market: Conservatism, Corporate Personhood, and Economic Theology
Jamin Andreas Hubner

Alexander William Salter, The Political Economy of Distributism
Andrew Gustafson