Volume 2, Issue 2 (2022)

Front Matter

Research Articles
The Logic of Wasteful Production
Tong Zhang

Volatility and Foresight: Risk, Derivatives, and Kierkegaard’s Christian Discourses
Andrew Swann

Value and the Market’s (Dis)Order: Market Prices as a Theological Problem in Patristic Thought and the Value Theory of Peter of John Olivi
Ida Simonsson

Book Reviews
Jonathan D. Ryan, Love Does Not Seek Its Own: Augustine, Economic Division, and the Formation of a Common Life
Wilco de Vries

Alina Potempa, Wie Katholiken die moderne Ökonomie entdeckten. Rezeptionsweisen in Spätaufklärung und Ultramontanismus
Paul van Geest

Michel Dion & Moses Pava (eds.), The Spirit of Conscious Capitalism: Contributions of World Religions and Spiritualities
Lans Bovenberg